Light speed contract, speed up blockchain+

ABitcoin is committed to improving the operation rate and network throughput performance of blockchain smart contract. It promotes the application of blockchain by integrating the technology in AI, Big Data, game industry, and Internet of Things. We will initiate a fork at a height of 498888 for BTC and 1498888 for ACT, and create a blockchain based on DPOS. BTC holders get ABTC according to 1:100, and ACT holders get ABTC by 1:1.ABTC will have a total supply of 3.2 billion, whose token contribution is as follows: BTC Forking 1.6 billion, ACT Forking 1 billion, ABTC Foundation 0.6 billion.

Features and advantages

  • Light speed contract

    Smart contracts support mega-level TPS
  • Cluster self-grouping technology

    Automatic discovery and organization of
    clusters improves concurrency rates
  • Cross Chain Communication

    Support VEP cross chain
    value exchange protocol
  • DPOS

    Block interval 10s
  • Anti-quantum attack

    Raise the safety of personal
    information to the highest degree
  • Low fees

    Fees are as low as 0.00001
Fork at Bitcoin 498888
The online main chain and
the smart contract platform
Cross chain communication and
completion of anti-quantum attack
Fork at Achain 1498888
Completion of light speed contract and
cluster self - group technology,
complete 30 block chain + projects